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December 2014
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Super Termites On The Move

The very destructive Formosan Subterranean termite is slowly spreading across America. These are termites that have massive colonies, often numbering more than 1 million individuals. Continue reading

Termites Agriculture Helpers?

While the western world does everything it can to rid itself of termites, in some other parts of the world things can be different for this destructive insect. There are many stories about the use of termites for Continue reading

Termite Facts and Trivia

Termites are actually one incredibly amazing little insect. Because of the damage they can do to our houses and other wooden structures, we vilify them. Continue reading

Expensive Treat Termites Eat Money

In seems that termites can have very expensive taste. In a rather astounding incident in a vault of the State Bank of India, in Arthur, bank robbing termites managed to munch their way through currency notes of 10 million rupees. Continue reading

How To Check For Termites

Home owners in at risk termite attack areas should always ensure they do a careful inspection of their premises at least once a year. And, preferably much more often than that.  Continue reading

DIY Termite Treatment

If you are a person who is ecologically conscious, finding a way to make a homemade termite killer might become a priority if termites are around your house – or if you even have an inkling that you might be susceptible to termite infestation. The most effective way to get rid of termites, of course, is with chemicals. Continue reading

Termites Pictures

Termite Pictures:

Here I have selected a number of termite pictures so you can see exactly what these little insect pests looks like. it is handy to be able to look at some pictures to help you identify any insects you see in or around your home, that you suspect might be termites. Continue reading

Infrared Inspection For Termites

Infrared Inspection For Termites:  As technology advances there are more and more ways to find out if termites are invading and eating out your home. One of the most exciting innovations in the pest control industry is the use of infrared home inspection technology for detection of termites. Continue reading

Termite Videos

Termite Videos: I have chosen a selection of great videos of termites for you to check out. There is one of termites swarming inside someone’s house – where you can really get the feeling of how horrible it can be. There is also one of the damage that a colony of drywood termites have done to a home. Continue reading

Pictures Of Termites

Pictures Of Termites: If you are wondering if you have a termite infestation in or near to your home, then it is a good idea to know exactly what do termites look like.

Here is a few different termites… Continue reading

Advance Termite System

About the Advance Termite System: You will find many, many different choices when it comes to termite systems to protect your home. It is of course very  important to use one that is not only effective, but is also safe to use around your home, especially if you have young children or inquisitive pets. Continue reading

Termite Tent

What is a termite tent and how is termite tenting used efficiently for the effective remedy of termite infestations?

The termite tenting process consists of covering the entire house with tarpaulins and pumping in poisonous, lethal gas. It will kill… Continue reading

Termite Inspection Hoax

Termite pest inspection is not safe from hoax, as are most other homeowners services. Some folks like to get money wherever they can, and do not care if they are in fact stealing or not. Therefore as a paying client, you should always take steps to make sure you are dealing with a professional pest controller, Continue reading

Formosan Termites In Texas

Formosan Termites In Texas: The Formosan subterranean termite is one of the most destructive termites in the world. A species that originates from Central America and Asia, they are named after Taiwan’s largest Island of Formosa. Continue reading

Termites Signs Video

Termites Signs: This video on how to check for termites shows exactly how you can look for evidence of termites infestation in and around your home. Depending on where you live and what type of termites are local to the area, the signs of termite infestation can vary. If you live in a high risk termite area, Continue reading