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October 2016
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Ant vs Termite

Ant vs Termite: The difference between ants and termites with wings: Some people do not know the difference between ants vs termites. Many homeowners do not even know very much about termites in the first place, and never think it might become a problem for them.

However studies have shown that for every home, there can be at least four termite colonies in residence, in or near the home and around the property.

So it is a very good idea to be aware of these pests so you can take the appropriate measures if you happen to see signs of termites around your home.


How to distinguish Ant vs Termite pictures

Ant vs Termite


On inspection, you can see that flying ants vs termites are actually quite simple to distinguish between. Have a look at the ant and termite pictures below, then the explanation of the differences underneath:

Here is a list of the obvious visible differences in this flying ant vs termite picture:

  • Body Parts: Ants have three obvious body sections, while the termite only appears to have one.
  • Waist-line: One of most distinguishing difference between termites and flying ants is the pinched inwards waist on the ant, whereas the termite body is almost completely straight.  That is a very visible distinguishing feature.
  • Antenna: Ant antenna is elbowed, or bent and the termite antenna is straight.
  • Wings: The termite wings are all the same length, whereas the ants wings are longer on the front than are the rear wings.
  • Color: In Maryland all termite swarmers bodies are black. Some flying ants are black as well however, but others are yellow, brown and even reddish in color. So, it it is not black, then you can be sure it is not a swarmer termite.


Here is a video that explains the difference between Ant vs Termite:



There you go, now you know the differences between ant vs termites and can keep an eye out around your home for any signs of termite infestation.


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