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September 2016
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DIY Termite Treatment

If you are a person who is ecologically conscious, finding a way to make a homemade termite killer might become a priority if termites are around your house – or if you even have an inkling that you might be susceptible to termite infestation. The most effective way to get rid of termites, of course, is with chemicals.

However, a lot of people just are not comfortable with using strong and toxic chemicals in and around their home. This motivates people to try and find some DIY termite treatment that will be easy for them to use, and that is also actually effective in keeping the termites at bay. Unfortunately, there is no termite treatment do it yourself option that has proven to be as effective and fast as the chemical treatments are.

In general, the “professionals” do not recommend that you undertake a homemade treatment for termites. Getting rid of termites usually requires the use of powerful chemicals and it can be dangerous for anyone to try and manipulate these chemicals without the special training that goes along with them.

A do it yourself termite treatment program also requires that you know what areas around your house and buildings to target, so that you can be most effective in getting rid of these devastating insect pests.

However, that does not mean there is no way at all to get rid of termites without the use of those harsh chemicals. Termites are resilient creatures who simply look for a food source and once they find what they need, they go to work. The best DIY termite treatment is for you simply do your best to remove anything that might be a good source of food for a termite colony. If they have no food source, then they are unable to live.


DIY Termite Treatment

Remove Dead Wood Around The Home


Some things you can do to ensure there is as little termite food around as possible – is to remove any dead pieces of branches or wood of any kind, dig out old tree stumps, keep all firewood dry, clean up any damp leaves that may be laying around the outside of your home.

You should check all around your house for any miniscule entry spots that might allow termites to enter your home and begin their path of destruction in your walls.

Unlike other pests, you can’t just sprinkle some hot pepper sauce on them or spray them with a vinegar and water mixture to kill them. They will live through that and continue to breed despite your best efforts. I don’t recommend you try those normal pest control methods, because they simply don’t work on termites. It will only cause you frustration and make you angry that you can’t use a homemade termite killer to get rid of these unwelcome intruders.

It is a great idea to check out any diy termite treatment forum that you find online. You will find some people who have had successes with DIY termite treatments. And it is always helpful to be in contact with others who have had experience with whatever you are doing.

One web page that I found has an interesting tip that is a pretty good one. It suggests that you take a cardboard box and dampen it down. Then you place pieces of this around your home, keep the cardboard damp and monitor it closely. Termites like soft food and the weakened cardboard, which originates from a wood source, makes it an enticing meal for any nearby termite colony.

Once you find termites in the damp cardboard, then you take it somewhere and burn the lot. You will need to keep this process up for as long as you find termites still attacking and eating the cardboard. Keep replacing the cardboard and remember to keep it damp. It will require diligence on your part, but eventually you should be able to gain control – at least somewhat.

I found a post from one DIY termite treatment enthusiast that was interesting and I would like to share with you. His story is that he went to a local home improvement store and bought some diy termite bait for just under $20. He placed it around the foundation of his home and changed it as the box said. Since he monitored it regularly and changed the termite bait according to directions, he found that he didn’t get a termite problem at all.

What is funny about his story is that he wanted to know how much does termite treatment cost, so he had invited a pest control company came out to assess his home and give him an estimate on the cost to control termites at his home. Their estimate was over $1,300! In his quest for a DIY termite killer, he did actually find a commercial product that worked just as well as a pest control company’s but for a whole lot less money.

Use common sense when trying to come up with a homemade termite killer and be diligent about your efforts. If you take the time to pay attention to your home, you will eventually be able to come up with a DIY termite killer that will meet all of your needs and keep your home safe.

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